Our Process

Beaux Studio employs an interactive architectural process in designing your home, addition, or renovation. We meet with you and progressively develop a design solution meeting your needs. The process can span 1 week to 6 months, or longer, depending upon our level of involvement, the size of your project, and your time requirements.

Typically the process evolves linearly through three or more stages of design, with each stage building upon the previous step and your continued involvement.

Depending upon the size and complexity of the project, it will evolve through some or all of the following stages:

Programming and Site Analysis is the first step in large projects and is also helpful in many small projects. At this stage the site is studied to determine the best options for building areas based upon views, solar orientation, grading, potential site approaches, and other site amenities. At the same time the program (or list of spaces) is developed to evaluate the size of the project and confirm uses of spaces. Often two or three site concepts are generated for discussion.

Schematic Design is the second step in the design process and is when the first design of the building is developed. At this stage the major organizational strategy is developed and the project is shown in plan, elevation and perspective. At this time the client will understand the internal location and relationship of all spaces and externally, how the project will look three dimensionally. Of particular concern at this stage is creating a design that works in plan and as a three dimensional mass (making sure that new homes have a human scale and that additions fit naturally with the existing home).

Design Development follows the schematic design stage: At this stage the schematic design is carefully refined in response to our increased level of understanding, and the clients response, to the schematic design. Additional drawings are developed for the clients review including building sections, roof plans, and interior elevations of the major spaces. An outline specification of major systems and materials is also created at this time.

Construction Documents are the final stage of the design process. Fully dimensioned, detailed plans, elevations, sections, details, and schedules are produced to document the project. During this stage we also provide framing plans, and reflected ceiling plans (to identify lighting as well as any ceiling details). These are the drawings that are utilized by the contractor to bid, permit and build the project. In addition to reviewing the final drawings with the client, we also meet again with the client and the contractor prior to the start of construction to discuss and "walk through" the project.

Bid Administration and Construction Observation: Some clients choose to involve us in the bidding and construction phases as well, depending upon their specific needs. During the Bid stage we are available to assist in obtaining and evaluating bids and during the construction stage we are available to meet on a regular basis or upon a pre-arranged set of meeting times appropriate to the stage of construction to assist the owner and contractor with any questions and provide any additional information requested.

Beaux Studio is also available to assist with other aspects including interior design (including finishes, color and material selections) and coordination of other disciplines such as landscape design and civil design (site engineering). We tailor each of our proposals to respond to the specific needs of the project and the client.